Welcome to the Hellenic Cultural Foundation

HISTORY: The Hellenic Cultural Foundation (HCF), a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, was founded in Tucson in 1983. Visionary community leaders, including Mary Gekas, Prof. Richard Kinkade, Rev. Anthony Moschonas, James Sfarnas, Prof. David Soren and others, both within and beyond the Greek American community, came together to promote the study of Hellenic language and culture in close partnership with the University of Arizona. For many years HCF maintained a strong involvement with the University Seminars Program of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (USA).

MISSION: The Foundation supports the study of Greek language (ancient and modern), Greek archaeology, and Classical literature and all aspects of Greek culture in Tucson and southern Arizona. It promotes academic excellence in Hellenic studies through a program of scholarships at the University of Arizona and is deeply committed to community outreach.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: The Foundation annually hosts a calendar of activities featuring University of Arizona faculty and specialists from Greece and elsewhere in the U.S.

The Hellenic Cultural Foundation:

  • Supports modern Greek language instruction at the University of Arizona
  • Promotes the study of Greek culture, both ancient and modern
  • Provides scholarships to University of Arizona students studying modern and ancient Greek language, literature, philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, ancient history, or other aspects of Hellenic culture
  • Hosts lectures and other events focused on Greek culture
  • Supports archaeological field projects in Greece
  • Partners with the University of Arizona to support student scholars
  • Provides outreach to the Greek community in Tucson and the region

Upcoming Events

Earth and fire: Ancient Greek potters and their masterpieces, Public lecture by Eleni Hasaki – University of Arizona

Date: October 25, 2021

Time: 17:00 (5:00 pm) to 18:00 (6:00 pm)

Location: Via Zoom, https://arizona.zoom.us/j/88217751840