Modern Greek

Central to the mission of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation is the instruction of the Greek language at the university level. Since the early 1900s, the Classics Department at the University of Arizona has offered a full curriculum in ancient Greek. In 1984, the Foundation was instrumental in formally establishing the Modern Greek program at the University of Arizona. The program was directed for decades by Prof. Mary Voyatzis, and since 2001 has been supported by the Greek Ministry of Education.

Regular Course Offerings in Modern Greek Language and Literature

Modern Greek is offered primarily through the Critical Languages Program in the College of Humanities.
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  1. CRL 101: Elementary Language Study: Modern Greek (equivalent to GRK 103)
  2. CRL 102: Elementary Language Study: Modern Greek (equivalent to GRK 104)
  3. CRL 201: Intermediate Language Study: Modern Greek (equivalent to GRK 203)
  4. CRL 202: Intermediate Language Study: Modern Greek (equivalent to GRK 204)
  5. Independent Study Options: Greek 399, 499, and 599: options:
    • Advanced Modern Greek language
    • Modern Greek literature in the original (focus on poetry, prose, myth)
    • Other language-specific or historical projects and special topics


Other contacts for the Modern Greek Program: Prof. Eleni Hasaki (; Prof. Mary Voyatzis (